Testimonials from our wonderful Clients!

Sasha is outstanding. Professional and makes great food. Totally open to feedback so she can make things as you like them. She cooks for us regularly and has helped us eat more healthy and cut back drastically on take out.

Sharven T., St. Louis, MO on January 9, 2016


All went well! the food was delicious and the kitchen was perfectly clean after our holiday meal. Many thanks!

Lee a., Affton, MO on December 24, 2015


Not only is everything I've tried so far delicious, but every time I walk in my home, it smells good still!


Philip - University City, MO



We thoroughly loved the meals.  Here's my thoughts on experience...

As a mom of three (with one having autism), and irregular work schedules between two school districts, I immediately noticed many wonderful aspects to the personal chef experience.  We found many advantages to the personal chef experience over restaurants during a busy work week.
1.  Fresh, prepared meals, ready to be cooked when best worked with our family schedule.
2. With an impatient son with autism, he did not have to wait in the car for a drive to a restaurant, wait to be seated, and wait to be served.
3. We could eat a nice, warm meal in the comforts of our own home, and not in a busy, noisy restaurant.
4. We could eat the servings sizes that best met our personal needs, and not feeling the pressure to eat a larger serving that what we really should.  As a short lady, I really do not need to eat the same portion as a large man.
5. The clean up after each meal was very easy as Sacha did all of the clean up of the mixing tools and bowls.
6. The extra time allowed me to spend invaluable time with my children playing games and riding bikes.
7. It was much cheaper than going out to restaurants.

Sacha was very organized.  She gave us detailed instructions for cooking the meals, and labeled everything she prepared and placed in our refrigerator.  You've got to try the BBQ chicken!


Cathy - Oakville, MO

Thank you Sacha for coming to cook for us.  It was so nice to just heat the meals that were already prepared for us.  It is such a time saver and blessing.  


Sherri - Fenton, MO

Loved the lasagna and meatloaf! Hash was great! Overall it was fabulous! Thank u again!


Christy – Imperial, MO

The house smelled so good when I came home! It was perfect timing, too as I didn't have to cook on a busy day :) I grabbed some salad and chili (and of course, cake). It was all delicious! I had never tried white chili before.


Andrea - Oakville, MO

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