Stress Reduction in 4 Acts


Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 6:30-8:00pm

Held at:

Women's Health Specialists Wellness Center

456 N. New Ballas Road

Suite 369

Creve Coeur, MO 63141




Kelly O'Donnell, licensed clinical social worker, an EMDR therapist, and a certified holistic health coach

STOP Emotional Eating


Learn how to stop emotional eating in this empowering workshop.  We will discuss real life strategies that empower you to break the binging cycle and to take control of your relationship with food. Learn about how to identify triggers, regulate your emotions, and finally break free from mindless eating.


Kelly O’Donnell is a licensed clinical social worker, an EMDR therapist, and a certified holistic health coach.  She specializes in helping women get mental clarity so that they can realize their full potential - mind, body, and spirit. Reduced anxiety, freedom from past traumas, joyful mood, weight loss, and gratitude for life are just a few of the benefits of working with Kelly.










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200 S. Bemiston Ave. Suite 306

Clayton, MO 63105




Becky Kladiva, licensed esthetician

Wearing Your Stress


Medical Esthetician Becky Kladiva will explain how stress naturally shows itself on our faces unless we fight to tame it. She'll share tips for how to slow down the aging effects that life and environmental stresses have our skin.    


Becky Kladiva is a Licensed Esthetician with certifications in medical esthetics, microneedling and dermaplaning. With a lifelong interest in skincare, she stays current with the latest industry advances with a mission to help clients achieve natural-looking, healthy skin.














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All attendees will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Whole Foods Gift Certificate!

Gayle Rose, certified weight loss coach and fitness trainer

Unlock Your Stressors

Learn eight practical keys to unlocking stress and keeping life in balance. In this session you’ll get tips for distinguishing between real and exaggerated stressors, and explore simple but effective tools for stress reduction. Re-examine the way you eat, move, think, breathe, sleep, connect and live. 


As a certified weight loss coach and fitness

trainer, Gayle shares her passion for health by 

helping women find balance with their

lifestyle habits and get unstuck with weight

struggles.Through support in nutrition improvements,

enhanced exercise habits and behavior changes, reaching 

and maintaining a healthy weight is possible. 













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Sacha Quernheim, certified personal chef focusing on whole foods and healthy living

Relieve Meal Preparation Stress


Learn how to plan your meals ahead of time to stop overeating.  Being prepared is the best way to not get caught up in overindulging and feeling miserable afterward.  Having all of your meals planned out for the day, week or even month and packaged accordingly will make meals stress free and easy.  Learn how to plan, package and take your healthy meals with you so you are always prepared. 


Sacha Quernheim is a certified Personal Chef.  She specializes in working with clients with special eating requirements.  Such as low sodium, diabetic diets, Paleo, D.A.S.H, Take Shape for Life,  and low carb.  She works with many clients in and around the St. Louis area to help them relieve the stress of meal planning and preparing. 
















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St. Louis, MO 63129