Week of 9/2/19, 2019 Meal Service Menu

Meals can be delivered directly to your door or you can pick up your meals at The Creative Cookery at 2566 Gladiator Dr., Fenton, MO 63026

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1.  Turkey meatballs w/roasted red pepper sauce w/zoodles

2.  Chicken & Spinach lasagna rolls w/garden salad(gluten free lasagna noodles) 

3.  Rosemary ranch chicken kebobs w/grilled summer vegetables w/romesco sauce

4.  Fajita hasselback chicken w/rst broccoli w/lemon         zest & parmesan

5.  Charred chicken & corn tacos in lettuce wraps or gluten free tortillas

6.  Tandoori shrimp w/cauli rice w/cilantro & lime

7. Pesto chicken w/spaghetti squash

8.  Crispy fish w/brown butter sauce & walnuts & asparagus

9.    Black pepper beef & cabbage stir fry

10. Fathead cheese pizza (no carb)oven roasted veggies w/balsamic, rosemary & thyme

  • Would you like to add breakfast to your weekly meals?  add for just $5.00 a meal, see menu choices below: 

11. Scrambled eggs w/basil & parmesan and spring salad

12. Roasted veg frittata

13. Egg cups w/pesto and lemon and garlic potatoes

14. Peanut butter almond flour muffins(no carb-gluten free)

15. Banana bread and chocolate chip muffins(no carb-gluten free)

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