-Is your team unmotivated?

-Do you want your team to be excited about their job again?

-Do you want your amazing employees to see how great ?

-Are your employees not living up to their potential?

-Do you want your employees to give back to the community?

-Are your employees becoming stagnant?

-Are your employees not bringing new, fresh ideas?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions contact Red Zucchini PCS today!


We will create a teambuilding event that will rock your world!   Our cooking challenges are fun and exciting. We sit down with you and create custom events to meet your needs and will get your team motivated.


What's included:


-Custom menus and teams to work together to build dishes together and present to the judges.  

-Custom challenges for teams to make them work harder and smarter to achieve their goals with their dishes and menus.

-Custom teams according to what you tell us to make meals and sandwiches to be taken to homeless shelters around the St. Louis area that we work with.

This may be teams that don't normally work together to see how they can achieve their goals.  Strategically placed teams to work smarter and harder.  They can take these skills back to the office and achieve greater goals. 



This is a fun and challenging event that your employees will be talking about for weeks.   They work together, get to know each other and they start to lean on each other and trust each other.   And isn't that what you want from your employees.  You want them to grow to trust each other and have a common goal. 


After these events your employees will have a new sense of creativity and teamwork.   It's really refreshing to see the excitement and new beginnings on their faces.   It's an event you don't want to miss. 


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Justin Coordinated the team

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