A little bit about the Personal Chef

I have a passion for cooking homemade delicious food.  I love to share this with people.  When someone says my food is delicious it makes me smile. ​
I started out cooking at a very young age.  As soon as I could pull a stool up to the stove and cook I was along side my Grandmother who was born in Sicily.  Growing up italian food was a staple at our house.  We would cook every day.  There was always something cooking and a big Italian family there to eat it. 
I love cooking for my family and I have done the same with my own childen.  As soon as they were able to reach the stove or oven they were making cupcakes and all kinds of other things they could think of. 
I think today's families are missing out on the joy of wonderful homemade meals.  I would love to come to your home and make scrumptious, homemade meals for you and your family. 
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